At Moonlight Creations, we've been designing leather wear, floggers, paddles, furniture and a wide variety of other products for many years. Over this period of time, we have accumulated a variety of designs and products which have circulated amongst friends and consequently, have received numerous personal requests for many more of our products. We have a few standard items we produce on a regular basis and are typically readily available. We have also done many custom request and continue to expand our unique line of products.

Moonlight Creations is still a mere hobby and not an established business. Therefore, availability and pricing is subject to negotiation. While some items may be readily available, in some cases manufacturing and delivery times can vary greatly depending on the complexity of the item and the custom detail requested. For some items, colors and sizes can be custom ordered. If you have an idea of something special you would like, run it by us. Remember, almost anything is possible.

While this site was designed to showcase our creations, we are always willing to discuss other opportunities with interested patrons. Please stay tuned and check back often as we continue to build our portfolio of products.